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Plains and Simple Seasons user map v1.0
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Plains and Simple Seasons user map v1.0

Downloaded file must be unzipped first to get to the map zip file.
Place the map in a new mods folder as usual to avoid conflicts. This map will conflict with Sherwood Park Farm due to the differences in multifruit and fail to load.
Thanks to the user for agreeing to share the map with you all now it's completed.
The map is standard size, is seasons ready, has a few nice installed production mods, chopped straw, small forestry section added to the public release, gold coin challenge and more. Have fun with it. Due to new work commitments this could well be my last map release.

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Wayne
    2017-09-07 17:49
    thank for the map hey men can u put rice and cotton in it thank u
  • Mike
    2017-09-07 22:11
    New version will be released really soon with season mod fix. This version's not working correctly with SM.
  • Aidoneus
    2017-09-07 23:45
    Stevie does not like himself, a very weak job
  • Tipton farmer
    2017-09-08 01:33
    Great map I am really enjoying it except I cant water the animals. I have tried every version of Marhu's kotte garrant pack with no luck. Took all mods out did not help.You do great maps I hope there is a fix for this. I understand you have a new job congratulations I really hope you have a little time to look into this but I understand if you don't
  • Lexiontech
    2017-09-08 06:18
    Looks like a good map, but it won't load. The hour glass just keeps filling and emptying forever. I am on Mac and trying to play with seasons and a few other small mods. No other maps in folder.
  • Hyperman
    2017-09-08 11:02
    bravo.mille fois bravo.voici une map qui a tout ce qu'il faut pour que l'on soit heureux.et pas de choses superflues qui ne servent à rien.tout marche bien même l'eau des animaux???vraiment super et le sol est bien fait car l'on peut enfin agrandir les champs proprement,vraiment au moins 7 ou 8 étoiles(luxe)
  • Alf-inge hatlem
    2017-09-08 15:08
    this map is wery god but must have train.goooooooooood
  • Raven
    2017-09-08 16:53
    Nicely done! I like the large fields and especially the central "hub" where everything is contained. Central silo is great - able to store all kinds of products - digital readout is great. Nice array of mixing stations and other tools and areas to make things easier. Well thought out. Thanks to you and all the other modders for your efforts. It keeps the game interesting and fun!
  • Name
    2017-09-08 22:47
    another boring map
  • Ereedks
    2017-09-08 23:02
    The drive.google.com link isn't the correct URL. It should be https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B47G8R7CYpJ0eDhLS0tLTzExdDQ/view not what you have https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B47G8R7CYpJ0TVNfVFRla0dRdkU/view
  • Oscaresp
    2017-09-09 09:32
    beautiful map!1 question. Do I need a mod for collecting milk? like a tanker o milk truck?
  • Guest
    2017-09-09 16:29
    The map link on Stevies Facebook page has again been updated overnight with some more fixes.
  • Name
    2017-09-09 20:19
    Nice map by Giant's again
  • Barros
    2017-09-10 06:37
    die kühe frieren ein im kuhstall am futtertrog
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