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Plateau Lindenthal v1.2 Multifruit
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Plateau Lindenthal v1.2 Multifruit

Multifruit with rye, oats, hops, carrots, lettuce and onions
Production of beer, bread and preserves on pallet - bakery / brewery / canning factory
Beer purchase: restaurant and supermarket
Bread: Supermarket
Canning shop: supermarket, restaurant, harbor
The fields were partially divided, so there are now 15 fields that are no longer so large. If you want large fields, you can cut the trees and re-arrange the fields
Onions and carrots can be stored in the yard in the soil bearing
A new savegame is unfortunately required or here a tutorial, how the old game stand can be used further https://youtu.be/op6cXWNFULg

As promised the weekend the version 1.1 - with the troubleshooting assumption board pallets and gate land trading. No new savegame required.

Welcome to the "Hochebene Lindenthal"
With this map I report back with a mix of the "Auensee" and "Bauernhof Lindenthal" in the LS17. Who knows the maps from the LS15 will find some familiar things again but there is of course also a lot of new discoveries.
The map is built on two levels, the valley with the place and the elevation, where your farm and the animals are settled.
What to expect: BGA - Delivery with trailer over ramp possible
Soybean plant, harbor, sawmill, sugar factory, caravan dealer
Land purchase - purchase all fruit plus straw and milk
Viehmarkt - buying and selling animals, buying straw
Composting plant with fermenter silo, fertilizer production and wood chopper
Supermarket - Purchase potatoes, milk, eggs
GartenCenter - Purchase Wool, manure, manure
Cereal trade - purchase all kinds of fruit other than earth fruits
Seed production is in the grain trade
Mixed feed production for cows on the farm
Pig feed production behind the pig plant
Carpentry in town - purchase of wooden pallets and tree trunks
Through the train line it is possible to sell at the sugar factory, the port and the grain merchant either by train or by the trailer, marked by the unloading points "train" or "street". The train can be loaded at "Cargo Train".
You can purchase water at the supermarket and port (hydrant), the sawmill (well) or the lake (jetty). In front of the Berghalle am Hof ​​is a pumping station, where there is free water.
The automatic milk sale is deactivated, so that you have to deliver the milk yourself to the land trade or the supermarket.
Both on the high level as well as in the valley you will find two areas for placable objects.
The most important points can be found in the pictures with the labeling of the individual fruits and components.
And now have fun while playing and
If you have questions or problems, please use LOG to PN to me, otherwise no help possible!
(Please no LOG in the comment area, because 1. too long and 2. does not reach me always the same)

A great thank you goes as always to all modders whose parts were installed. I hope I've all mentioned. Should I have forgotten someone, please report it briefly, will of course be added.

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