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Poettinger Servo 45S Plus Nova v1.0
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Poettinger Servo 45S Plus Nova v1.0

The Pöttinger Servo 45 S Plus Nova, easy-to-use and advantageous working width at the best price-performance ratio.
LS17 Standard function
new skin for Pöttinger
dynamic hoses
2 different wheels configurable
two different folding anions can be selected at purchase
4m working width and helper new adjusted
Working speed 15 km / h
required power 180 hp
Log error free in FBM quality
Price: 23.700 € - 25300 €
€ / day: 10 €

Giants Software GmbH Edit: G├╝llemax (FBM-Team) Danke an: Puma (FBM-Team) dynamic Hoses Thomas 0815 (FBM-Team) maya

  • Silviu1993
    2017-09-13 21:09
    mod review here.....................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfsLYa7w8nk
  • Andreas
    2017-09-14 15:42
    there are two ploughs in this moda Poettinger Servo 45Sand a Poettinger Servo 45Sidewhat is the difference beetween the both?lgandreas
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