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Ponsse Mammut Scorpion v1.0
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Ponsse Mammut Scorpion v1.0

there is demand in many comments by a harvester that can also cut thick trees, I offer you here the originals Ponsse Scorpion on.
Small modifications were made.
- For thick trees
- For fallen trees
- Cutting length 12m

I have deliberately brought the average length not higher because 12m already are very long.
This Ponsse Scorpion is for all who need not tuned cars and are satisfied with the original controller.

The mod is very small and perhaps it is enough to one or other synonymous ;-).
Have fun with it

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants
Script: Giants/DonMaxxus
Idee / Konzept: Giants/DonMaxxus
Tester: DonMaxxus

  • Serge
    2018-07-29 07:23
    HI, i tryed to cut those very thick trees on "Cabbilard flats" but it dos'nt work.The grabber can't go wide enough.Is this suppose to be like that?
  • Raven2971
    2019-01-11 22:16
    can you convert this and bring over to fs 19 please
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