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Ponsse Mounted Crane for Tractors v1.3
2 0 0 2005

Ponsse Mounted Crane for Tractors v1.3

Hello Guys,

Version 1.3
- Tensioning straps on the sick head are fixed and reusable

Here I present you my second version of the Heckkran Mod. Since the Palfinger some complained that the props did not extend far enough, I again designed a complete substructure. This time, the Ponsse crane from Bufallo served as a construction.
Now I want to have a new version of the Rear Crane Mod. Because a few people complain about the Support Legs, i build a complete new one. This time I used the Ponsse Crane from the Bufallo.
Notice: this is not a Reality Mod. If you do not like it, do not download it!

The Mod has the following features:
- unfoldable supportlegs (animations will be reworked in the future)
Ponsse Decals
- 3-Point Hitch for Front and Rear. It's a great place to stay.
- Shop Graphics
Trailer Hitches for big and small tippers
- Cranecamera
- working lights

And as always the importand - all free of Log-Errors!
This is a FIRST version, please report me Bugs and wishes for future versions.
Please do not steal Content from my Mod! Do not upload it to other sites, be fair and use the original download link! Do not steal Content from other Users.

Modell: Giants / Endless Dark
Textur: Giants
Script: Endless Dark
Idee / Konzept: Endless Dark

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