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Prefab Hydraulic Ramp v1.0
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Prefab Hydraulic Ramp v1.0

Hydraulic Ramp for your map and to be placed using Giants Editor
Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer Mappers Paradise
Category Prefab
Prefab Category Tool
Author Mappers Paradise/RwM
Size 6.32 MB
Released 27.06.2017
Platform PC/MAC

(*) This is not a Mod. This object can be used in building maps for Farming Simulator.

Mappers Paradise/RwM

  • Neoblaster
    2017-06-28 01:47
    Hi,The same but in placeable version could be very cool !
  • Konradsb
    2017-07-06 23:22
    Works great - simple, understandable description
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