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Press Shop v1.2.2
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Press Shop v1.2.2

Hello this is my first mod.

Version 1.2.2
Unloading trigger fixed.
Display now with function.
No smoke, no light, no sound. (I do not want to, is everywhere the same.)

Please do not fall over me immediately! I have read countless instructions to create this mod. Just started modding a few days ago.
So here is my placible woodwork.
In order to get the press plates simply the wood chips produced in the game itself processed there.
The press plates are then there on Europaletten.
Pallet trigger mounted. For the transport.
The press plates can be sold to every pallet of sales triggers, or brought into the pallet.
Log with me so far error-free.
Since it was me in the game was too boring the Hakschnitzel only to sell I thought it would be more interesting to process it.
Gladly I take other tips / criticism for Modden.

Modell: Giant teilweise ich
Script: Marhu
Idee / Konzept: BaTt3RiE
Tester: ich selber

  • Defoden
    2017-05-20 14:51
    HelloIn the video. There is a mod for pallet sale?I can not find it on google. can you help me .Thank you and good games
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