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Not sure what happened to the original author, but here is a working version of this map.
Fixed the pallet spawners for Sugar, Bread, Butter, Biscuits, Flour and Ice cream.
Sand is no longer too heavy.
Fixed a few other items.


  • Jacky
    2017-03-09 14:15
    Merci, joli travail, ou se trouve les pomme de terre (machine car sur pda manque un peu d'explication !!!
  • Gamejack
    2017-03-09 15:44
    Great Map, Thank you for the Job
  • Petr01can
    2017-03-09 16:10
    this map looks trick mate i hope to be running it in nxt few days on our dedi server we just need to change couple small details to make it work for us the 1st being that ramp from the farm to fields 22 and 23 its soooo steep alot of the vehicles and trailers run aground but apart from a couple small details i am realy looking forward to this map thanks
  • Jacky
    2017-03-09 20:28
    Very good map, detail the factories on PDA is would be super good on your part, you would have a perfect work.
  • Andrea
    2017-03-09 21:19
    bella mappa, però mi crea un mare di errori nel log e non mi permette di giocare, ma con quale versione di farming si deve giocare. Grazie sperò in una risposta .
  • Endy1
    2017-03-09 23:18
    The brewery does not accept the water.I tried but I did not, without mods.No mod tank not allow to pour off the water.99/5000All productions have not tried all the way, but unfortunately a lot of work because of the brewing industry is not the lack of water.
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-03-10 00:29
    Field #9 Is giving me a problem. When I ran a Harvester over it, as I do or finish the first cutting path the Game will lock up, Harvester will start if`s turn around, then it goes into a continuous turn, thus locking the game up. Reboot to recover. All other fields no problem so far. Bob.
  • Defoden
    2017-03-10 08:58
    hello bob Hello, to fill the water in the brewery, you enter the building for water and you back towards the basin. Its working well!
  • Defoden
    2017-03-10 09:03
    excuse me . I do not write in English. I translate by google translation.thank you !
  • Defoden
    2017-03-10 09:05
    Oops, desolate, is message is for ENDY1
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-03-10 09:07
    @Endy... The Brewery will accept water, (kotte Universal), In the middle of the Pad.(key I) Also runs on latest Patch, No problems for me so far, except my first comment. Bob.
  • Sal


    2017-03-10 10:12
    Can some one please tell me where is the bread factory
  • Endy1
    2017-03-10 10:51
    "@Endy... The Brewery will accept water, (kotte Universal), In the middle of the Pad.(key I) Also runs on latest Patch, No problems for me so far, except my first comment. Bob. "Thank you very much for your help, the brewery has been in operation, I used the wrong trigerre.
  • Endy1
    2017-03-10 10:58
    Thank you very much been running the brewery, I was sick of the trigger.
  • Endy1
    2017-03-10 11:00
    @[email protected] The bread factory at the top of the map items in 3-4 land next to the petrol station
  • Guest
    2017-03-10 15:00
    locked up on me twice . vehicles got a mind of their own and became transformers. had to reboot. when u fix let us know.
  • Endy1
    2017-03-10 15:48
    Unfortunately the joy did not last long.I tried oat, millet, rye, harvest, whatever harvesters, without mods, hang on a combine harvester, and the game can grow stupid, freezes, the combine is not possible after use, so this feature for now useless, and it is the mode where it's oat , as well they should.If anyone can appreciate some solution to it.
  • Jacky
    2017-03-10 16:18
    Field 21 millet, crash, restart the game and more vehicle !!!!!
  • Rytis1
    2017-03-10 18:23
    what not original things is in this map?
  • Gaga
    2017-03-10 22:49
    kbert od tvojih modova nista ne radi nemozes da skines nista tako da nemoj nista da izbacujes na sajt da se sramotis
  • Sal


    2017-03-11 07:06
    Thanks Andy1, found the bread factory. I had same freeze problem on F22 with harvesting aot. I thought the problem is with the feild, but it is not cause I reseeded with seeder mod and seeding is fine.
  • Kbert
    2017-03-11 18:59
    there is a problem with harvesting rye, oat and millet. I've fixed it and will be uploading version 1.4 of this map
  • Fanfan
    2017-03-14 19:15
    bonjour C'est quoi cette map ???après plusieurs heures de jeu je me lance dans la coupe, du millet ou avoine ou seigle et bing !!!! plantage les moissonneuse ce fige avant de mettre des maps en ligne faudrait peut être la tester les gars ???dommage car belle map , mais 0 question jouabilité !!!!
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