Farming simulator 2019 mods
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More than just harvesting fields, plenty of greenhouses and other factories.

Fixed in V1.4
- fixed the harvesting of rye, oat and millet
- added icons to PDA map for the factories
- added a modded Joskin water trailer to carry milk and cream in the store


  • Jacky
    2017-03-11 21:06
    Merci pour ses corrections, je vais tester de suite, bon travail
  • Endy1
    2017-03-12 13:14
    Thank you very much to repair, now works in all.It'd be taking so much notice that the texture of the sand would be good to change the level to give him useful but only slightly so destructive illusion.
  • Jacky
    2017-03-12 20:00
    Warning (compatibility): Texture D:/document jacky/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/production_map/Farming Simulator 17 12-02-2017 18_27_57.dds width or height doesn't equal 2^n. Register configuration 'wrappingColor'
  • Jim


    2017-03-13 02:47
    Love the map and thanks for fixes, I played for 5 hours straight trying all factories and so far what I have tried works except can not get Potato washer to take water , I tried 2 different versions of Kotte universal and in game water tanker .
  • Kbert
    2017-03-13 03:29
    Jim, I've just tried the kotte universal and the modded Jenkins water tanker and they both work for putting in water to the potato washer. You fill the water on the right side as you are looking at the potato washer by the door next to the tank.
  • Jim


    2017-03-13 22:11
    thanks kbert it works ,I was trying to put water in the large slurry tank next to it, I should have looked closer have not seen that style of potato washer before. Enjoy maps with a lot of things to do besides just plant and harvest.
  • Majdr
    2017-03-14 00:29
    I can't plant oats on the game. none of the seeders (mod or not) do not give me oats when scrolling through. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it the game?
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-03-14 05:14
    @MAJDR ...Try adding the name "Oat" to the list of "fillunits"for that Seeder.. Bob.
  • Michael
    2017-03-14 17:43
    hi, i have putted potatos and water into the potato washer but he sad that there is no free space for “washedpotatopallets” how con i solve? the first time i have tryied with 8000l and it works, but with 80.000l he sad that, please help methanks and sorry for my bad english
  • Gavin
    2017-03-18 18:30
    hi we are really wanting to put this map on a dedi server but its saying the file is corupted ....... now it works in single player and multi player fine but says curpted when trying to upload to dedi
  • Endy1
    2017-03-19 12:35
    Unfortunately, the recent changes, you can not put any oat.Several mod drills but none is released.Before it was a problem that we can not be harvested.But it does not quite compare to sow, reap, yes.What is the solution???So useless butter factory.Millet let me sow but do not need a factory ???
  • Daniel skitt
    2017-03-22 12:56
    Sugar Factory trying to unload water and nothing happening. And can't unload milk at the cream factory.
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