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Projekt Unna 2017 v6.0.1.4 Update
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Projekt Unna 2017 v6.0.1.4 Update

German Mod Map -UPDATE Project Unna2017 Version Update v6.0.1.4
BugFix / ChangeLog: On multiple request the fruit * sugar ear (SugarCane) * was installed
Harvesting and sowing machines for sugar ear are located in the ExtraModPack
Industry and trade were extended to the product sugar ear
A waste incinerator was installed on NewEarth grounds
In the cold store Sojamilch added to production
New products have been listed: High quality granules, sugarcane, soy milk
PDA price list and manual have been adapted to new farms and products
Some textures and shaders changed and repaired
The other farms are now selling their product


  • James madsen (mn)
    2018-05-19 21:20
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    my game crash when I load this map, fill up my log with map errors. I own a legit FS17 game
  • Bob (wires
    2018-07-01 20:20
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    I am unable to grt any of the additional fruits to plant in the fields ,,, any solution for this problem.
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