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Racovita Map v1.0.0.1
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Racovita Map v1.0.0.1

Welcome to Romania!
- The map is trying to replicate the rural area in Romania, not a particular region
- All FS17 features included
- Cows, pigs, sheep and chicken
- Traffic, pedestrians
- Modified train (multiple grain wagons)
- Fields of all sizes (can be combined)
- Field Missions
- Free meadows
- Forestry
- Gold nuggets
- Blank and flat areas where different objects, factories, mods can be placed


  • Mario1973
    2018-06-11 22:53
    A good map, simple but complete. The traffic gives life, large areas to build and others to make new fields. At last a farm with animals in it, thank you, thank you. How difficult it is to find a map with the animals on the farm. For me a good job
  • Allan
    2018-06-12 17:52
    tout a fait trais bonnes carte super la il y a du trafic piƩton jolie,jolie
  • Cluj
    2018-06-17 08:42
    Very good map, good size fields and easy to make big fields from existing fields.....
  • Ryan
    2018-07-18 01:57
    Are you going to add sugar cane?
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