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Raft W Ranch Map v1.0
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Raft W Ranch Map v1.0

Map based on the real farm Raft W Ranch. Textures in HD, great resolution.

Full BGA
Cow Hunsbrandy Complete
Pigs Hunsbrandy Complete
Chicken Hunsbrandy Complete

additional crops:
Sugar Cane

Model: Gabriel F. , Giants Editor
Script: Gabriel F.
Idea / Concept: Gabriel F
Testing: Gabriel F.

  • Jp17
    2018-11-08 08:41
    Bonjour bon travail dommage que certain objets ne touche pas le sol
  • Jp17
    2018-11-08 08:42
    Bonjour bon travail dommage que certain objets ne touche pas le sol Hello good work pity that some objects do not touch the ground
  • Todd
    2018-11-09 02:26
    other then a few floating objects.very nice map love the layout of farm.one question though I cant unload straw for cows.any idea why this is?
  • Joew`
    2018-11-10 11:17
    Has a lot going for it but being its just 2 maps combined and renamed doesn't set it apart. As a mapper if you take a building and what not re arrange them put them in different locations rip up the fields rebuild them different sizes and shapes something. This really looks like you took them to maps and just glued them together. If you are new to this then explain so in the description because this is a total beginner map.
  • Joew`
    2018-11-10 11:20
    There are tons of great videos on youtube to even get a beginner mapper or modder heading on the right track right out of the gates.
  • Thanto
    2018-11-11 04:58
    Like Joew said, this is just a combination of South Mountian Creamry Farm portion and the fields of Welker Farms. I apperciate the attempt but this is not what I would call a new map.
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