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Ram 3500 autoload v1.1
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Ram 3500 autoload v1.1

Hello one more time farmers
Here I present a new modification Ram_3500_autoload
Is not 100% complete but fully functional XD
++ new wheels and more
Has lights
Has a footprint on the wheels
Has fastening bands
and more
Wait for more updates for this mods
I always have many hours of work, have fun
If they find some error leave it in the comments


  • Psmodding
    2017-05-23 13:33
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    Thank you for the update!
  • Unkown
    2017-05-23 21:26
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    I dont mind you doing things like this but there are people who are quieting modding for Fs17 cause there a people like you taking there models and doing thing like this in order to do this you need the to talk to the person to see if its ok you learned from square 2448 then thats probably why you have done this cause square does not asked any body to edit there trucks please next time ask before you do anther thing like this again
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