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Rattlesnake Valley v2.0
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Rattlesnake Valley v2.0

The Rattle Snake Valley map is heavily influenced on this beautiful area of Montana. With the map been a 4 x default size you will need to chose the correct machinery in order to take on this demanding roll, you will need to take care of your animals and make sure they are well fed so keeping up with your crop production is really important. Along with that the area relies on local support especially in the forests. Working the forest areas is really tough work with long bumby tracks you will need to deal with and bringing the right setup is what will help you deal with this tough environment. With some typical large fields hiring staff to help out is a vital move if you want to make this farm work. change log pc only

1 3x trains . one track and railyard to park trains
2 trains can load a mix (logs. lumber pallets. all standed grains (you can use a overloader to load trains) or grain mills
3 SeedMaster2k17 (makes seeds)
4 Fermenter5000 (makes silage)
5 Greenhouse2000 (makes Poplar seed boxes)
6 fertilizerStar (makes fertilizer)
7 manureStar (makes manure)
8 pigFoodStar (makes pigfood)
9 grainMill kuenzel (whole grain for pigFoodStar)
10 FarmSiloSystem 4x (small farms now have a working silo)
11 slow soja
12 only one sawmill now on map (pallets taken by train to sell point)
13 you can now load milk (sell or unload at slow soja)
14 you can now sell milk at sell point
15 Chopped Straw now added to map


  • Atmosss
    2017-03-14 18:09 Send message
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    WTF....wat a PC i need for this map.....map load for a while but then total lagged
  • Allan
    2017-03-14 20:46 Send message
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    jolie map toujour pas de piéton triste la ville, groupés tous les annimaux dans la ferme .
  • Deadcthulhu
    2017-03-14 21:37 Send message
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    Do we need to start a new game with this update? I am guessing yes, with the level of changes...
  • Ra


    2017-03-14 22:51 Send message
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    Map does not show up in game.
  • Alexandro
    2017-03-15 00:53 Send message
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    Where can you sell or give back leased implements? There is no icon at the shop.
  • Mav


    2017-03-15 02:04 Send message
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    You should really download the map from giants beta section considering that's the only place it should be and for support for the map you might want to head over there. The sell point on the map is in the junk yard beside the shop and @atmosss this is a 4x map its BIG
  • Tim121672
    2017-03-15 12:17 Send message
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    train causes an FPS drop. But still a nice map.
  • Atmosss
    2017-03-15 16:25 Send message
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    ok...its so big map i know, but meybe someone can do optimize this map for slower PC,s...btw my PC is:Nvidia GTX 470Quadcore 3GhzRAM 8GBOther big similar maps no problem..but only in this, meybe like y said it is only for train (train textures seems like from 90 years graphics :)
  • Ra


    2017-03-20 22:22 Send message
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    Can not get map to show up in game. Running 1.3.1 version 1 shows up but not v2
  • Barackuse
    2017-04-08 19:53 Send message
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    I know in version 1, there was NO water in the river or lake. Did this fix that issue?
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