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Realistic harvesting and sowing v1.1
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Realistic harvesting and sowing v1.1

Here I would like to introduce you to a yield model, which offers you realistic harvesting and sowing. Of course these factors vary from region to region, but your game should in any case extend this mod. The amounts were calculated by taking into account the weight of the respective crop type!

Version 1.1
Sowing strength adapted to grass (30kg / ha)

An example for the sowing calculation:
40 (thousandth grain weight): 90 (germination) x 400 (grain number / square meter) = 180 kg / ha x 0.7 (density of wheat)
250 l / ha: 10,000 = approx. 0.025 liters per square meter (value in the yield.lua)
Sowing: wheat: 180kg / ha
Barley: 190 kg / ha
Rape: 3kg / ha
(Maize, sugar beet and soybeans roughly adapted)
Harvest: Wheat: unadjusted 50dt / ha, 100% increase in yield equal to 100dt / ha
Barley: unfertilized 40dt / ha, 100% increase in yield corresponds to 80dt / ha
Rape: unadulterated 30dt / ha, 100% yield increase correspond to 60dt / ha
You can also simply change the values ??according to your preference in the yield.
I wish lots of fun with the mod!

Mod von: tomcatbw
Werte angepasst von : hoepfel8410

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