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Redrock bale trailer convert v1.0
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Redrock bale trailer convert v1.0

Here we have a bale trailer comvert by mark walsh hope yo like.
Low Loader by the Norwegian brand Foss-Eik. This is a machine trolley for large machinery. It comes with a base plate of 6 mm steel or timber at the bottom and has a sloping rear for easy loading.

mark walsh

  • Name
    2017-08-04 02:23 Send message
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    Has texture issues plus 7 or 8 errors but nice try
  • Ross
    2017-08-04 02:26 Send message
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    i think you missed these in there too.Credit to.SolanzMythos (ARM Modding)FarmfarmAnd thanks to.Joey3200.jonathanfarndell.And JDB14
  • Max45
    2017-08-05 10:38 Send message
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    Does not lower the ramps many errors to control
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