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Redrock boom v1.0
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Redrock boom v1.0

myself Antonie nicholson (nicholson_6930) and mekenna_143 Made this redrock boom tanker.


  • @ uploader
    2017-07-31 20:24
    Original mod credited to CDModelz. Original edits are copyright Nathan 6930 Also who gave permission for my edit to be uploaded here!
  • Davey ^
    2017-08-01 19:56
    who cares about permissions? Give it a rest will you kid
  • @davey and ....
    2017-08-03 04:07
    You need to give permissions to the people who made the damn mod... so you don't have kids who come along and just post mods and say that it's theirs. This is why people keep mods private.
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