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River Po FS17 by Vaszics v2.1
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River Po FS17 by Vaszics v2.1

River Po FS17 by Vaszics 2.1
Changes compared to 2.0
Slaughterhouse planting (sausage, meat).
Creating an oil field complex. Oil refinery and 4 oil wells. New product is oil and engine oil.
Creating a cement factory. Manufacture of palletized cement.
Conversion of concrete factory from FS15. A new product is concrete.
Conversion of sand mine, creation of quarry mines. A new product is sand and gravel.
Update Factory and Store Info.
Update your PDA.
Full review and editing of the sales system.

The main data of the 4x map:
Factory (41)
BGA, Cannery (saladMix), Cake factory, Yogurt Factory, Refinery, Hmilk, Distillery, Sawmill, Sand_Gravel, Sugar factory, Compost Master, Mill, OilMills, Potato Center (washed potato, steamed potatoes), Reibekuchen, Soya, Weberei, Pallet Eggfarm, Greenhouses (strawberry, raspberry, redcurrants), Greenhouses1 (tomato, cauliflower, lettuce, pumpkin, melon), Cardboard, Dairy, Fish (caviar, live and frozen trout, fish meal) , Noodles, Juice, Backwaren, Whiskey, Fermenting Silo, Dryer, Forage Factory, PigFood factory, Slaughterhouse, Oilfield (Motoroil factory), Cement factory, Concrete factory.
Store (32)
Bufallo Grill, Bufalo Grill1, Bale Storage, Building Market, CastlePub, City, City Grain, Farmshop, Gardencenter, Villa, Watermill, Fuel Sales, GrainMill, GrainTrans, Horse stable, Manure processing, Port of grainmill, , Construction, Fish1, Fish2, Fish3, Shop1, Shop2, Shop3, Fruit1, Fruit2, Fruit3, Cowshed_construction.
Products (73)
wheat, barley, rice, oat, hops, spelled, triticale, sugarBee, potato, onion, carrot, lettuce, grass_windrow, straw, dryGrass_windrow, chaff, silage, forage, pigFood, compost, woodChips, booze, beer, hmilk, sugar, flour, cake, cherry, plum, juice, saladMix, yogurt, cookingOil, reibekuchen, steamed Potato, washed Potato, stoffrolleMK, empty pallet, egg, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrants, cardboard, yogurt1, condensedmilk , cream, oil, motoroil, cement, concrete, gravel, bread, backwaren, whiskey, potato chips, sausage, bread, backwaren, lettuce, pumpkin, melon, bread, backwash, sand.
For more information, see Guide 1.


  • Claudi
    2017-10-13 16:39
    nice map, but you need to try and make it work on lower spec computers,,,,,,
  • Vaszics
    2017-10-13 17:18
    Hi CLAUDI!You're right, you really need a bit more powerful computer, but you have to fix something if you set the lowest computer power for parameterization.
  • Toe


    2017-10-15 03:16
    When the map opens I am floating about 20 ft in the air, Can not drive or operate anything on the map. The animation works as far as trains going by. From what I can see it is a very nice map.
  • Vaszics
    2017-10-15 03:52
    Hi TOE!My proposal. Delete everything from the MODS directory. Only copy those modes that are included in the package. Do this as a first step and try it out. It has to work. Then you can put your own favorite ways one by one and then you will find out what the map is like. I suggest this because others have had such a problem, and after these steps they have disappeared.
  • Cgb76
    2017-10-15 16:18
    me pasa lo mismo q a toe, quite los mods y no se arregla una lastima q no pueda jugarlo
  • Vaszics
    2017-10-15 18:07
    Hola CGB76!Siga los pasos que describiré. Después de haber eliminado todo del directorio MODS, copie solo el mapa. Si inicia el mapa, se congelará, se colgará en el aire. Esto se debe a que asigné el mapa a las máquinas en la biblioteca de modos y máquinas predeterminadas de los vehículos \ new \ Necessary del paquete. Use este modo para capturar el mapa.
  • Vaszics
    2017-10-15 18:09
    Hola CGB76!Con la propuesta de otras máquinas recomendadas y modos de contenido de la biblioteca, la experiencia del juego se completa. Por supuesto, puede reemplazar inmediatamente los existentes con ellos, pero creo que no lo hará porque las máquinas están calibradas y sintonizadas. Buen juego
  • Cgb76
    2017-10-16 06:24
    gracias por el aporte lo intentare nuevamente
  • Vaszics
    2017-10-16 07:21
    ¡Hola CGB76!Está bien.
  • Cgb76
    2017-10-17 13:15
    ahora si anda muy bien, pero xq crecen tan rapido los cultivos
  • Vaszics
    2017-10-17 18:02
    ¡Hola CGB76!Guide1 (en el paquete) contiene una descripción de cómo disminuir o acelerar el crecimiento con el modo FS17_GrowthControl. Si desea la tasa de crecimiento original, simplemente elimine el modo FS17_GrowthControl del directorio MODS.
  • Charlie
    2017-10-21 22:33
    I have same trouble as toe wrote I deleted all mods still have same problem I'm Floating in air and can't do anything
  • Vaszics
    2017-10-22 09:09
    Hi HARLIE!Be sure to copy the recommended modes, as it is configured for startup (modes in the \ defaultVehicles \ new \ Necessary machines and modes directory). So try it.
  • Charlie
    2017-10-22 20:14
    Thanks ingot the map working but everything seems to run choppy like there's a peaceable mod that isn't working right
  • Vaszics
    2017-10-23 05:37
    Hi Charlie!To run the map you really need a stronger computer. It may help if you set the smallest hardware profile in the settings.
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