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Road Pack Kit (Prefab) v1.0
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Road Pack Kit (Prefab) v1.0

This is a edited version of Fatian's road pack, I have added the option of road lines, cats eyes and traffic spline marker also. These can be chooses and deleted as needed, but would advise duplicating any piece being used. If you are to delete a object from the original piece, then this is the only option you will have throughout editing the road network. The kit is big in size, so I also advise placing this to the side of your map/project, for ease of use and selecting the correct object.


  • Jacques
    2017-11-07 19:54
    cool sympathique le kit merci
  • Support modders
    2017-11-08 14:00
    support modders by only using original links https://www.fs-uk.com/fs-mods/view/39157/FS17-Road-Pack-Kit-mod-for-fs-17
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