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ROBOCUT v1.0.0.0
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ROBOCUT v1.0.0.0

So here we have a Robocut. It's a Maschiene the forestry area and wird.
Ich used as mower this Maschiene have seen in Facebook in a post of a forestry company and I thought so does not exist yet in LS 17 a machine.
This model is drawn from the start and therefore not quite real.
It can take place before the coming of the Mod in some after buying the mod hangs the game that may be because the there are mods which do not tolerate the Mod.
I am capable criticism but I had to listen last time in the Ls Com is a bit häftig it went so far that it went against me personally.
I wish you much fun with this mod. no name modder (ls17 tags and skins team formerly LS-Vehicle)


  • Meep
    2018-05-26 23:32
    Congratulations! That is both the most incomprehensible mod description I have ever read AND the most useless picture. I'm just going to assume the mod is just as useless, but thanks for the laugh.Looking forward to more gems like this!
  • Nick
    2018-05-27 01:15
    Have to agree with MEEP. The description is gibberish, if you know someone who is better at written english it would be better to ask them to rewrite a more understandable description, if that is not possible then just write the description in your native language (nothing negative intended, I'm barely able to cope with 1 language). Also the pics do not show clearly what the mod is, it would help if you could upload some better pictures.
  • Milfbanger
    2018-05-27 02:48
    The original description is in German.Thomas just reuploaded the mod without permission (as always cause he's a motherfucker) and used a shitty translator and ruined the pictures.If you want to support the original modder (instead of making Thomas rich) use the original download site (in this case modhoster). It's also the only place you'll get support if you have suggestions or errors ;)
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