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Rockwood and Riverwood v1.0
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Rockwood and Riverwood v1.0

fully wooded map, the map is divided into two parts, rokwood and Riverwood, the card is the sawmill that. resale of wood and charcoal factory.

Model: Billo Farmer
Texture: Billo Farmer
Script: Marhu
Idea / Concept: Mortary, Lumberjacks, Billo Farmer
Tester: Team Sardegna FS15
Other: Mortary, Lumberjacks, original mapper

  • Jimbo052uk
    2016-12-07 20:15
    Nice try but does not work :(
  • Friend
    2016-12-07 20:22
    not work :(
  • Billo farmer
    2016-12-07 20:30
    Hellois the creator of the map, the map is not for FS17 but for FS15.sorry but MODHUB evil has published my work
  • Alexfarmer
    2016-12-07 20:32
    You do not have permission to upload this map and the section is wrong. The map is for farming simulator 15. Remove the post because we have to load us with our profile on modhub.Sincerely, Founder Team Sardegna
  • Someone who doesnt care...
    2016-12-08 00:50
    Seriously butthurt folks, if you publish something online and then someone reposts it somewhere else you really have no grounds to complain. You released it initially and therefore made it available to the public for them to do with as they see fit so shut up and move on. Crying about it only makes you look like a butthurt adult baby. Seriously just stop it.
  • Jdboy
    2016-12-08 07:48
    For someone calling themselves "Someone who doesnt care...", You sure seemed to care, at least enough to whine about it in a comment.In case you care to know, the reason a modder may not want their work shared everywhere is because of this exact page. People who know the modders assume they're stupid and blame the modder for it not working instead of the idiot who put it in the wrong area.Still don't get it? You should probably get off the internet and save some face.
  • Jdboy is a tool
    2016-12-08 20:43
    Dude stfu already. I never look at who makes a mod unless its in the name, like Stevie. Otherwise I would never know. I mean, I know AEM makes shitty mods, but you can tell before you even download it. Seriously, no one cares who made the original mod. I know you are looking for fanboys, but nah. Get over it.
  • Guy above me
    2016-12-10 08:18
    You should be one to talk. It amusing to see one person contradict themselves as badly as you. Your faux pas was hilarious. I agree with JDBoy (if you're the same guy) in saying you should probably quit trolling the Internet and move on yourself because apparently you care. Bet if this was your mod being reposted you'd care.
  • Alexfarmer
    2016-12-11 15:27
    my comment was referred to Thomas who uploaded without permission map modified by Billo Farmer who is part of my team. Before you say talk a good friend of mine he has always taught me to shut up.
  • Adam
    2017-01-28 06:47
    hay just to ask where did that covay belt come from can i have a like please and thanks
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