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Rocky Mountains v1.3
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Rocky Mountains v1.3

Welcome to the Rocky Mountains
This is a map with a lot of built-in effects and light and out going, Goals on and go,
there now exist two silo storage where you now all camps can, The kapazietät of the silos were erhöt and
there now exists a small farm where the cows were.
Now we wish you Enjoy playing and Discover !!
MFG LS-Andy and Manuel


  • Jacques
    2016-12-01 01:30
    vraiment joli et original un peut vide sur certains endroits mais bien implanter et elle marche bien beau travail
  • Richie_bee
    2016-12-01 13:28
    Nice map tip point fixed, but can you please take the wash out on the farm it DON'T WORK, there's no nozzle on it.
  • Robert
    2016-12-03 14:55
    this is just the original map maybe some differences dont know looked at the photo's its the original as far as i can see...BE ORIGInal quit trying to pot other peoples stuff cause you changed 1 thing!
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