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Rocky Mountains v1.4
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Rocky Mountains v1.4

Welcome to the Rocky Mountains

Version 1.4
- New buildings and roll-up doors are installed at BGA
- Small sawmill installed
- Compound feed system for cows added
- PigMax2000 installed on the farm
- Cover for feed and grain storage

This is a map with a lot of built-in effects and light and out going, Goals on and go,
there now exist two silo storage where you now all camps can, The kapazietät of the silos were erhöt and
there now exists a small farm where the cows were.
Now we wish you Enjoy playing and Discover !!
MFG LS-Andy and Manuel

Idee / Konzept:

  • Neness 75
    2016-12-06 20:43
    bonjour belle map , mais domage la scirie a cote du champ n 7 les palettes ne sorte pas .pour la prochaine modification serait il possible d agrandir les champs en meme temp merci bon boulot
  • Umm


    2016-12-10 08:39
    This is just an altered default map from LS17: Goldcrest Valley. Come on dude...
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