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Rocky Mountains v1.7
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Rocky Mountains v1.7

Welcome to the Rocky Mountains
This is a map with a lot of built-in effects and light and out going, Goals on and go,
there now exist two silo storage where you now all camps can, The kapazietät of the silos were erhöt and
there now exists a small farm where the cows were.
Now we wish you Enjoy playing and Discover!
MFG LS-Andy and Manuel


  • Tim121672
    2017-01-17 22:15
    Love this map, awesome use of the train. GREAT edit. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK!!!!
  • Sweet250
    2017-02-17 08:26
    Has any else noticed that there areas of grass that can not be mowed? I was wondering if this was a glitch with my system.
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