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Ronny Sell Workshop v3.1
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Ronny Sell Workshop v3.1

This is the workshop from the famous trucking company from the North of Sweden.
All doors are functioning and the sunpanels on the roof will give you an income right away.
Just remember ist a big workshop you need some space to put it.
Have fun

Mappers Paradise, Some Andy, Ronny Sell, Joran

  • Schwoba andy
    2018-03-16 16:05
    Hello.Not very nice to spend my mod as his own. They just exchanged the descriptions, nothing else. Because Original Mod is here (https://www.modhoster.de/mods/andys-werkstatt) MfG Schwoba Andy
  • Schwoba andy
    2018-03-16 16:11
    I would like you to delete the mod here. I was not asked for permission to change this mod and then spend for yourself.MfG Schwoba Andy
  • Heitzersse
    2018-03-16 16:14
    Stolen Mod
  • Rolam
    2018-03-17 10:07
    @Schwaboda Andy. It did not know it was your mod. It was given to me and in the XML files I could not see that it was yours. If it is we would have mention you in de description. And to mention it to you I bever claimed it was mine. Can you read than please do read carefully. I NEVER CLAIMED IT TO BE MINE.
  • Peter
    2018-03-17 10:20
    everything can be true in any case better than the original
  • John
    2018-03-17 14:15
    Thanks Rolam looks great, I wounder why modders are not all working like you. I mean respect for the modder who made it but can the modders be more colorfull and make the mods in the colors of an real company insteat of there name on it.
  • @rolam
    2018-03-17 21:40
    Thanks keep up the good work Rolam
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