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Rostselmash Torum 760 pack options v1
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Rostselmash Torum 760 pack options v1

This is the original Giants RSM Torum 760 with the RSM Power Stream 900 and the diamond Capello HS12 with some changes:
Kaufbares engine tuning for 40 km / h
kaufbares tape drive forward
purchasable Twin wheels front
Grain tank extension to 21000 l
Operating speed of the reapers was increased to 15 km / h
Overcharging is much faster (abbunkern)

To all the what can start by: Enjoy :)

Giants für das tolle Spiel

  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-01 22:32
    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHfsCjqUQtI
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