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Routes network Goldcrest Valley v1.6
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Routes network Goldcrest Valley v1.6

Hello Autodrive friends,

Version 1.6
Field 14 new waypoints Version 1.6
Field 14 new waypoints
And at the hofsilo
And at the hofsilo

As discussed, I have the permission is obtained later to load net high of Balu stretching.
Since I got a pose tive message about the routes network Goldcrest Valley.
And you want the möcklichkeit also can benefit.

Important: Please network your old route network from the memory Savegame1, 2.3 ... outside companies and fahls stretch her euen in a oner other to keep want to have again.

Copy this file to the AutoDriveInport
In the game options to continue on key assignments and seeking the name AD: Export routes and AD: routes Inpotieren.
The two documents, AD: routes Expotiren with Ctrl + F7 and AD: routes Inpotiren with Ctrl + F8 and then save everything.
Start your Dan gewünter Score and boarding a vehicle and with the Srrg + F8 Press and trackside worth Inportirt her your Score.
To keep the stretch grid times the Score save quite normal


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