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Russia Map v2.0.2
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Russia Map v2.0.2

Changes v2.0.2:
1. the wires did not reach the current - corrected
2. at the construction site of the car base it is problematic to unload the timber and furniture - corrected
(There was a very bad collision on the boiler room, which created an invisible wall around the building, because of it it was impossible to drive closer to the marker. It was not visible in the editor, so it was very difficult to detect it.)
3. put markers in the vegetable base - corrected
4. it is not clear where to remove the roots on the railway - corrected
5. prices for animals are not correct - corrected
6. Animal fertility overstated - corrected
7. drive through the gate on the mordant. seed until it is purchased - fixed
8. drive through the gate to the concrete plant, when it is closed - fixed
9. at some enterprises the gate opens too slowly - corrected
10. put unloading markers in the stored root crops - corrected


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    Mod stolen.Original autor link: https://sharemods.com/w7uw9o2jo46f/Russia.zip.html
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