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Rustys New Holland skidSteer v1.0
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Rustys New Holland skidSteer v1.0

Rustys New Holland skidSteer for Farming simulator 17
7 wheel configs enjoy
Authors: Braindead4554, 4T Modding, Hulstrand Modding, rusty7727 hd modding.

rusty hd modding

  • Concernedcitizen
    2018-10-30 19:52
    Stop with the shitty smash together reskins. Both suck. Both suck bad. Stop the shitty releases.
  • Concerned my ass
    2018-10-30 20:56
    Jackass how bout you move along if you don't like it don't download! Have a nice Day
  • Chris7727
    2018-10-30 21:16
    lmao i could give two shits and a fuck about you or anyone elses comments.....keep moving bitch boy dont download than whore
  • Chris7727
    2018-10-30 21:17
    prolly minkle or erika maybe that john homolmao
  • James
    2018-10-31 00:29
    All I want to know if they have errors or not ???? Anyone ?
  • Chris7727
    2018-10-31 01:09
    nopeno errors
  • Jon2514
    2018-10-31 05:34
    thanks for shareing really enjoy useing them
  • Chris7727
    2018-10-31 14:03
    thanks jon they arent the best in some opinions but i made them like 6 months ago im just cleaning out some mods from my folders..and fyi its not a reskin its body was converted from 15 and the boom is a reskin... glad you like them
  • Amazing mods bud
    2018-10-31 22:00
    Amazing mods photos coming soon fuck the haters
  • This mod...
    2018-10-31 22:46
    sucks. chris7727 should stick to that mod graveyard called facebook if he's going to release shitty edits like this. shitty mods belong on facebook
  • Lmao
    2018-11-01 18:54
    lmao who tf you kidding all the good mods are on fb lmao this sites mods are mostly put here from fb book jackass! Go kick rocks twit
  • Dunno
    2018-11-02 00:12
    Crap mods like this do belong on the mod graveyard called facebook. Only morons think facebook has good mods. And chris7727 needs to learn how to mod.
  • Chris7727
    2018-11-02 00:51
    john its ok yours will be seen soon and omg are they terrible 11fps and shit filled with erros lmao
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