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Updated mod "SA PRODUCTION OF PALLETS" for FS17 from the production line "of the SVAPA Agro". Version 1.1.0 (German version)

To work you need the following resources:

1. Wood.

2. Biogas. (For biogas, you can use our mod "SA BGA V 1.0.0")


1. The empty pallets.

2. Woodchips.

Pallets you can sell at the point of sale of pallets, stored in the repository (included in mod) or to use in our mod from the production line "of the SVAPA Agro".

To purchase a production you can store in the category "SVAPA Agro Production", which are all purchased objects of our mods. In addition, find objects and brand "SVAPA"

The mod is compatible 100% with all of our mods. Functions checked. Compatibility with other mods will be checked periodically.

FORBIDDEN: changes and additions in this mod. Posting on other sites is possible only with the permission of the authors and only with the original download links and original screenshots.

Support and discussion of our mods is in the official groups: Vkontakte , Odnoklassniki 

Thank you marhu and kevink98 for scripts, joachim for the help in testing.

SPECIAL THANKS Blacksheep-RC-Devil for help and advice.


  • Viper14
    2017-07-31 11:27
    HalloPermeter mir diese Nachricht senden für Ihre cratios von platzierbaren Sie sind sehr ernst failicilter nicht Menschen wie andere, die ich instaler Ihre platzierbar auf meine Karten haben sie es gut funktioniert sehr lassen Sie mich Ihnen ein Angebot machen, wenn Sie in der Lage Abend sein wollen Parfümerie mit der Kultur von Lavendel auf Karten, weil produzierte ich Lavendel und ich weiß nicht c mache nach .Ich danke im Voraus gut journnee
  • Toe


    2017-08-28 04:34
    We need some production that uses biogas as fuel. These factories, green houses, ext. are very cool. Thank you for the cool mods and have a nice day.
  • Flashfrm42
    2017-12-19 09:42
    Link is broken!
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