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Sample Mod Map v2 multi fruit
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Sample Mod Map v2 multi fruit

Version 2 multi fruit
wheat, barley, rape, maize, sunflower, soybean, grass, rye, potato, sugarbeet, oat, luzerne.

Modified Sample Mod Map, from ARSENIC MODDING I added the hedges. Please respect the work of ARSENIC MODDING, super modder and mapper. Make a tour on his site.

Modèle: gargouille
Texture: arsenic modding/ gargouille (haies)
Script: géant
Idée / Concept: gargouille
Test: gargouille

  • Bocephus
    2017-07-27 23:10
  • Donya2008
    2017-07-28 04:37
    i can,t see the map :S
  • Arsenic modding sucks
    2017-07-28 07:50
    Name says it all
  • Bocephus
    2017-07-28 20:14
    This map does not show in Giants Editor
  • Youyou
    2017-08-03 23:18
    la carte ne s affiche pas dans giant editor ca fait un ecran gris merci
  • Joshua baker
    2018-08-28 04:52
    is this for fs15 or fs17
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