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Samson RV200 manurepumpe v1.0 Beta
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Samson RV200 manurepumpe v1.0 Beta

Here is a slurry pump made in connection with the Samson PG slurry tanker I put to download
it has no function as such
Key X folds the tube and out the pump
otherwise, the rest is controlled mouse
Org model is from 2013 but converted to 2017
authorized to release this mod
there can be little things of errors but nothing for the game the full effect. this is only a beta version.

Model - Kristoffer Kildegaard
Textur - /ingaming / Mikkelbro
Edit - !Angelo!/Bindesbøl
Convertering - Bindesbøl

  • Angelodk
    2017-04-16 17:10
    manure trailer and truck are not I can just not get them removed now that's an error
  • Abraham
    2017-04-17 02:58
    so is it a slurry pump or manure(solid) pump?
  • Angelodk
    2017-04-17 12:41
    it is for slurry and no not fixed ie you can drive around with the
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