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Sand wash plant v1.0.0.0
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Sand wash plant v1.0.0.0

hello here i have my edited version of rambows sand wash plant i made it bigger and i also made the bin hold 50000 liters of sand  you can load this michine with sand and it will screen it and give you gravel and gold it gives you more gravel then gold and i edited the xml to were it will give you 100 000 liters of gold and gravel once the michine gives you the 100 000 liters of gravel or gold you have to clean up the piles with a loader or a bulldozer then you can load it up it dump truck to haul off and sell the gravel or gold for money
hope you like this mod


  • Dreammaker
    2019-06-15 16:59 Send message
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    yes you stretch it out from other mod but you fixed the lag from the other so yes i like it alot
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