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SavageMeadow v5
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SavageMeadow v5

This is my first Map edit.
Simple edit more suitable for Building materials mods.
Main farm has been reconfigured into an awesome jobsite for all of your construction needs!
This map was not intended to be used for farming, but you still can if you desire.
Other minor tweaks have been made.
There seem to be no errors, only one problem i noticed with a lighting issue from the "Sun", which has been a problem since the initial map release, and i dont know how to fix it.
All credit for the original map goes to ENG51INE.

AKTheSavage, Movie Guy, ENG51INE

  • Akthesavage
    2017-03-13 12:26
    I hope everyone Enjoys my first map edit. i will continue to work on this map and update it accordingly. Be sure to check me out on Youtube for Livestreams and Videos on this map. My Youtube is ( AK The Savage )
  • Adam
    2017-03-14 02:23
    Wont load in the game.
  • Adam
    2017-03-14 02:47
    Nevermind I got it
  • Rene
    2017-03-14 12:06
    your map has a conflict with the loweranimal prices mod... if u got that mod installed, the map and your controls run stuck and not responding.... forcing you to use a forced exit within the console!!!!
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