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Say Valley v1.0 Mulitfruit
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Say Valley v1.0 Mulitfruit

Welcome to America
In Say Valley you will find a large farm, with cows and pigs.

Map details:
- There are more than 40 fields.
- Almost all fields Buyable.
- Multifrucht installed (no additional Mods necessary)
- You can load sand in the sand pit into the trailer and sell.
- Sheep and chickens are located on their own farm.
- There is a small motorway with petrol stations.
- You can also buy compost.
- There is the possibility to do only animals. You can buy all necessary raw materials on the map (wheat, corn, grass, straw, etc.)
- Mixrations and pig feed can be made on the farm itself with the machine.

Have fun playing
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  • Noah9711
    2017-08-04 23:40
    looks promising
  • To jack some balls
    2017-08-05 04:10
    looks like an awesome flat map. don't diss a mod unless it doesn't perform as it should. example being the international landscaping truck. it has no horn and the 1st person of the truck is shit, sooooooooooooo ;)
  • Thecleaner
    2017-08-05 17:24
    Une bonne Mrd
  • Map is nice!
    2017-08-07 03:15
    Map is incredibly nice, except too many fences, DONT speed in town LOL! The detail is off the scale though, night time is awesome, to JACK, you're an idiot, play the map first loser
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