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SCANIA 112E v1.0
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SCANIA 112E v1.0

Work mirrors and a cleaning kit
Wheel selection
Choice of body color design
Author: AndyWings


  • Nick
    2018-04-21 18:03
    Truck is unusable, trailer hitch plate on the back is to far forward. Should be between the rear and centre axles NOT the middle of the centre and front axle of the 3 rear axles.
  • Tiny
    2018-04-21 18:31
    yup the fith wheel is to far forward u cant turn unusable
  • Tiny
    2018-04-21 18:32
    yup the fifth wheel is to far forward u cant turn unusable
  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
    2018-04-21 23:03
    if iam correct I think the 5th wheel moves by one mouse button or the other or both of them iam not quite sure
  • Tiny
    2018-04-22 02:30
    you are correct the fifth wheel slides with the mouse button I apologize for my mistake
  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
    2018-04-23 00:12
    it's all good mistakes happen
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