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Scania R 700 TNT v1.0
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Scania R 700 TNT v1.0

Here we have for you because Scania R700 Tractor
Thanks go to Turbo Bandit for release
I wish you so much fun
MFG Philipp Deutz

Modell: Turbo
Textur: Philippdeutz
Script: Giants

  • Zorlac
    2017-01-13 13:06 Send message
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    Thanks go to ZORLAC for CONVERSION AND SHARING...By that if zorlac was not there to share and well you would have nothing ...
  • Zorlac
    2017-01-13 13:08 Send message
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    The mod is not turbo modding, it just converted from fs13 to fs15 ...Then zorlac converted again from fs to fs17.
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