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Scania R-Serie v3.0
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Scania R-Serie v3.0

Scania R-Serie Greenery edition operated by Aram Trucking Lelystad (NL)

Engine: 460 hp / 730 hp
Speed: 130 Km/h
Price €/$: 160.000,-
Daily costs €/$: 70,-
Choice of wheels and rimcolor

Feel free to copy and upload on any website you want but please keep original link from www.mod-collection.eu or the link from modhub.us, please don´t use sharemods or those kind of stupid websites. Keep it SIMPLE.

Credits: Mr. Monkumbau, RCM, ZombiDogz
Design: Hieperdepiepeloy

  • Luxfarmer
    2018-04-29 10:05
    Dieser Scania sieht ja echt Klasse aus :) respekt
  • Endy1
    2018-04-29 10:51
    Does the rear axle's wheels do not rotate ?????
  • Endy1
    2018-04-29 10:57
    Does the rear axle's wheels do not rotate ?????You can see it on your own video 1:22, so you should have noticed before you release it ... .....
  • Rolam
    2018-04-29 11:02
    @Endy1 Yes they do when the truck is loaded
  • Fs17vmods
    2018-05-01 13:42
    Rolan when did you find the last video I have nt relesed it yet ????
  • Rolam
    2018-05-01 22:41
    @FS17VMODS on you tube. Was showing up on the right side of the screen
  • Fs17vmods
    2018-05-01 23:10
    @Rolam You have sub to my channel?
  • Rolam
    2018-05-04 14:07
    @FS17VMOD No I donĀ“t belive I have my son perhaps
  • Marduk
    2018-05-16 18:57
    Ok, so you put a new skin on it and then have the nerve to call it YOUR mod? This truck was built by Rigde Crest Modding, and NOT by you!
  • Rolam
    2018-06-09 10:15
    @Marduk if you can read I am not calling it my mod. I just made it work as it should and that it runs faster than 25 km/h. If people like you would look a little bit better what is written you would not be the stupid ass as you are right now.
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