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Scania R700 Tielbeke Sollection v3.0
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Scania R700 Tielbeke Sollection v3.0

Update: we repaired the exhaust system and reduced the speed.

Here is the Scania R700 from the Tielbeke Collection
Engine is set on 700 HP
Speed is set to 91 km/h
Price € 145.000
Daily cost € 550,-
Lifetime 600

Hier is de Scania R700 in Tielbeke kleur.
Standaard 700 pk.
Snelheid is nu 91 km/h
Prijs is € 145.000,-
Dagelijkse kosten € 550,-
Lifetime is  600

Hier ist der Scania R700 Tielbeke Sammlung
Standard hat er 700 PS
Geschwindigkeit ist  91 km/h
Preis ist € 145.000,-
Kosten pro tag kosten € 550,-
Lifetime 600

Maverick74 / Rolam / Ronny Sell

  • Tickle
    2017-12-31 00:45 Send message
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    nice mod but i have one problem when i use certan trailers it like an ironing bored do not bend when going up certain hills do not bend like a normal trailer dos. dos not do it on all trailers
  • Silviu1993
    2017-12-31 09:37 Send message
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    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcY90prg9qc&t=3s
  • Rolam
    2017-12-31 09:38 Send message
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    @Tickle Try to raise the plate by pressing left mouse button and while holding it move the mouse to the right. That solve the problem. The trailer you are using is I think the For Framers from Maverick.
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