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Scania S 3 axle v1.0
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Scania S 3 axle v1.0

Good day
Have here a Scania S 3 axle for you

What was done
Built-in interior thanks (Bau_Justin_99)
Raifeisen skin installed Thank you (Bau_Justin_99)
The eruption decreases
From the 2 axle of TschiZack Gamieng made into a 3 axle
Lift axle installed and reinstalled in the last axle

if there are problems or errors please let me know that I can change it in V2
We are happy for everyone like us on facebook at Modding by Fahrzeugbau AG
Thank you to TschiZack Gaming For the release of the mods and Bau_Justin_99 For the release of the interior and the raifeisen skin
Have fun with the Scania S 3 axle
With friendly greet your Scania driver.

Modell: FF_DBG
Textur: FF_DBG/Bau_justin_99 (skin)
script: Giants software
Idee / Konzept: FF_DBG/ john deere5615(tschizack Geaming) Bau_justin_99 (Skin),Scania Fahrer
Tester: john deere5615(tschizack Geaming)
Sonstige: LS17 Technik (LS17 Workstatt). D&S modding (tuning) Bau_justin_99(Innenraum/skin)

  • Rolam
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    Fahrt gut sieht gut aus nur die dauer beleuchtung ist ein no go
  • Silviu1993
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    mod video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5oIbu74o2g
  • Silviu1993
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    for more video subscribe to my chanel
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