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Scania V8 hook lift with rail trailer v1.0.3.0
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Scania V8 hook lift with rail trailer v1.0.3.0

The Scania has various config
Rail trailer operation:
From the back of the rail trailer drive X press, if the hook is about 90 degrees then press Y, sometimes to 2 times so that he reacts.
Meanwhile, drive 1-2 meters before driving and set the drop point on the trailer.
the container is secured as soon as you hook up the trailer, you can solve for the multiplayer the container with X.
Multiplayer is also possible if you use the mod MPOwner
If the vehicle is registered in the MP on your name, then you tell the game that your hoster of this vehicle since and already with uncoupling of a container.

Modell: Dimanix
Textur: Ap0lLo
Script: Ap0lLo, HoFFi
Idee / Konzept: Ap0lLo
Tester: Ap0lLo

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    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmxuB_LScUQ
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