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Scania Viehtransporter v2.0
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Scania Viehtransporter v2.0

Since I often after my cattle Scania for LS17 was asked, I have now decided to give him again to the DL.
It is, however, only a simple conversion from the 15's, so he works flawless ingame. , ,
If that is not enough the truck has to adapt itself.
I will not change any further time into the Mod as I build for the 17er something new.
The following may be invited:
12 pigs
14 Sheep
6 cows
Multiplayer I have not tested.


  • Carl
    2017-05-28 17:50 Send message
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    Hej jag kan ej använda denna mod för den låser sig för mig jag kan inte styra den
  • Sloeber
    2017-05-29 17:34 Send message
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    works fine on mp
  • Rob


    2017-05-30 20:18 Send message
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    trailer included ???
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