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Schlueter ProfiTrac 5000 v1.0.0.0
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Schlueter ProfiTrac 5000 v1.0.0.0

The legendary prototype Schlüter Profi Trac 5000 of 1978 was the biggest tractor of europe for a long time.
It has a 1275 cui V12-engine with 500 hp and a 8-gear-automatic transmission wihtout Pulling-Interruption. 4-wheel-steering and multiple wheels set a maximum of grip for strong working. But 1978 noone needed this performance, so there was just this prototype.
Don´t mix up with the Profi Gigant, which was a rebuilt in 2007.

So you get this maximum power as my first mod!

Now what it has:
- all the standard-functions

- wheel-selection:
-> singles for transport-jobs
-> doubles for medium power jobs
-> tripples for maximum grip
(use the wheight of the wheels)

- Four-wheel-steering:
-> All-wheel-steering for thight turning
-> Front for driving smooth straight
-> crab steering left/right - notice: your attacher is not in the middle now, so it will not drive straight on

- dynamic hoses ref

- animated indoor hud

- engine choice:
-> original 500 hp
-> pimped 680 hp after transmission and turbochargers where faulty and where changed

- GearBox addon (option):
-> if gearboxaddon.zip is in the modsfolder it works for both engines. Otherwise not
-> both engines and the 8-gear transmission are implemented

- trailer-attacher choice:
-> original tractor has no trailer attacher

- price is 250.000€ 
- maintenance is 150€ / day

Now what it does not have:
-> reverse lights
-> IC Buttons, which I don`t need and like

Now have fun with my first mod!

Farmer G.
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Bauer G.

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