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Schuitemaker Robusta 190 v1.0
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Schuitemaker Robusta 190 v1.0

This is the release of my Schuitemaker Robusta 190 slurry tank.

I have added the following to the Schuitemaker Robusta 190:
- Dynamic Hoses on the front and back.
- Dynamic PTO.
- Hose System.
- Tire Pressure System.
- Telescope shaft.
- New Alliance weels.
- New default, brake, turn, reverse and work lights.
- Realistic pump sound.
- 2 new types of skins.
- And maybe i forget something :P

The download will be a .zip file that must be unzipped first.
Inside the map you'll find 2 maps with skins. One for the tank, and one for the injector.
The description how to add the skins to the mods can also be found there.

I want to thank the following modders for helping me!
Without them I would never have come so far.
- Tijs Hofman (Dutch Farmers Inc.)
- Vitalie Stefanco
- Astropolis Modding

Keep it private. When you post it on another page, remember me!

Convert it to fs17: Vitalie Stefanco
Edit by: Patrick Lokhorst

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