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Seagrave Tiller v1.0
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Seagrave Tiller v1.0

Alrighty guys, here is our first release from R&R apparatus outfitters. This is only version 1 out of many to come. Please tell us about any issues, bugs, etc. Special thanks to Ryland Amato for buying the model. Chiefromey (Me) did everything else. Have fun with it, but please if you upload it anywhere else or give it to someone please give the correct credit. The trailer/back part of the mod might be stuck in the ground when bought, just reset it and it will be fine.

Chiefromney, Ryland Amato, turbosquid

  • Mateox
    2017-10-04 15:03 Send message
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    nice mod ! can you make more fire trucks ?
  • Björn
    2017-10-04 16:10 Send message
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    Der Anhänger fehlt bei mir. Weiter so!!!!!
  • Trebbia
    2017-10-04 17:56 Send message
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    why do not you see the trailer ?????????????
  • Testratyt
    2017-10-04 18:58 Send message
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    no trailer no zip file mean modder not finnished
  • Lol


    2017-10-04 19:31 Send message
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    Both the truck and trailer are in the zips. Trailer is a .rar for some stupid reason. Unzip it, Open the rar, copy all to a folder and rezip the trailer. Easy fix LOL
  • Ben


    2017-10-04 22:18 Send message
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    lights on truck stay on aftr tutning om
  • Testratyt
    2017-10-05 04:53 Send message
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    still cant find the trailer after ziping it
  • Jim


    2017-10-05 05:04 Send message
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    Quote to ? Well its a virtual farm game. So you play as real life as you can get. Grain bins do catch fire in real life. Shops catch fire in real life. Fields catch fire in real life
  • Dj6310
    2017-10-05 05:45 Send message
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    hello then I tested your truck americain several worries first tractor purchases impossible in 2 the sirenne stays permanently in three one can not hang the trailer even after resetting the trailer and even after trying on another tractaur in 4 the lights on the front of the vehicle remains lit permanently
  • Max


    2017-10-05 08:13 Send message
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    For all of you that aint familiar with Rar there are programs that are designed for working with rar files such as WinRar, Winzip aswell as 7 Zip. Try searching for one of those programs and use one of those to unzip the rar file containing the trailer for this truck.
  • Unknown
    2017-10-06 19:29 Send message
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    I downloaded it last night and I have the trailer
  • Joe


    2017-10-06 20:49 Send message
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    I think this is for Sim City not FS17.
  • @joe
    2017-10-06 22:19 Send message
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    100% for FS17
  • Catweazle64
    2017-10-07 08:57 Send message
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    eider könnte ich diesen Truck zuerst nicht im Shop kaufen (nur der Leiterwagen-Trailer).Jetzt habe ich herausgefunden, das man bei den Wie US-Wracker (roter und schwarzer) den "LICHT-MOD" ausschalten, dann erst Könnte ich diesen Truck fahren. Es Kann Auch sein, weil ich den Truck im neuen ZIP-Ordner kopierte ?
  • @catweazle64
    2017-10-07 20:17 Send message
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    Was redest du über manche Leute, die alles, was sie haben, ist der LKW und jetzt ist dein Sprichwort, du hast den Trailer, wirkt wie jeder andere Mod Home Key, um die Lichter an und aus zu drehen
  • James
    2017-10-08 22:20 Send message
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    i downloaded both this mod and the mod where it only has the front and i cant get the trailer from both that i downloaded. 3 words... does...... not....... work......
  • Silviu1993
    2017-10-12 21:36 Send message
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    mod review big problem ......................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RfzNgNWVIw
  • Tf


    2017-12-15 03:45 Send message
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    Bruh I cant buy the truck and the trailer is broken af
  • Ol man
    2018-10-20 01:59 Send message
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    This mod does NOT work as of 10/19/2018
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