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Season Manager v0.1
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Season Manager v0.1

It is basically already a long-known topic that the weather in the LS is always very random and there are no seasons, which is especially the realistic player is a thorn in the eye. With the seasonManager I try to solve this problem to the best of conscience with a few help with the help of Scriptmod.
To say it with the words of upsidedown: "Mods, which one should not really need at all".
Each day the seasonManager is assigned a season. When saving, it writes its own values ​​for the coming weather in the careerSavegame.xml, to give the game something similar to seasons. The result is that it rains in autumn for a long time, in the winter hail / snow and it is foggy in the spring.
The effect is that in autumn and in winter a harvest is impossible. Because exactly is the goal of seasonManager. In winter the thresher is in the barn, the time can be used perfectly to care for the animals. Or you just let the time go, anyway.
The entered values ​​control the weather for one year, ie four days. After this, you have to save and reload the data once to restore the values. This should be acceptable, however, since the values ​​of the engine itself run also at some time.

Simply drag the ZZZ_seasonManager.zip to the Mods folder, done.

If you would rather have the engine weather, delete the ZZZ_seasonManager.zip from the mods folder. After four game days, the weather will be as good or bad as before.

Configurations are not necessary. However, if you would like to experiment with the values, you are welcome to edit the LUA as you like it. Note, however, that the game reacts exactly as if you edit the careerSavegame.xml by hand. Some events, such as short rain showers or very changeable weather, still do NOT work!

I would like to say a few things:
I've started without even having any knowledge of LUA beginning this November this project. I have looked at the scripts of different mods, including several of upsidedown, and I so quasi autodidactically the scripts with LUA appropriated. I think that within a month, an acceptable result has already been achieved. I would like to thank the users, who supported me with questions in the initial phase.
Originally, I had planned that the growth should be sustained according to the seasons in autumn and winter. Since unfortunately I could only understand in some steps, what upsidedown with the growthManager has put on its feet, I will probably first make this function in the planning behind. I leave my fingers behind the growth.
Similar to growth, the Giants engine is unbelievable even in weather conditions. You can do what you want, but you get no fog at 4 o'clock in the morning. And if you want a huge storm, the engine ignores my values.
I publish my script explicitly as an alpha version, a thought-kick to where the whole thing could go. I am always open for suggestions and wishes. I would be glad, therefore, if you diligently test and give me according to feedback. Since I am currently preparing for the Abitur, I am really missing the time to the extensive testing. In the singleplayer on the standard map, however, the whole thing works quite well.

I wish you much fun with my script :)
An upload on other sites is hereby prohibited. Only the original link can be used. Changes may only be made for private purposes.

Script: Lefthandright
Idee / Konzept: Lefthandright

  • Guest
    2016-12-10 16:52
    the idea is nice but flawed. in the US depending on which state your in harvesting is started in October. thats pretty much autumn by that point. in the description this says harvesting in autumn is impossible. that sure isn't realistic.
  • Name
    2016-12-10 17:12
    how do i contact the author of this mod? my question is can you "fast forward" through the seasons you don't want? like when winter hits is their a way to skip forward to spring? i don't use any fast forward mod but i speed time up to 120x from time to time.
  • Gator
    2016-12-10 20:36
    With this mod installed, my maps just keeps loading and loading .
  • Matrix50
    2016-12-11 08:34
    it not work in multiplayer game
  • Lefthandright
    2016-12-12 09:17
    This is MY work. I uploaded it exclusively on Modhoster.de"An upload on other sites is hereby prohibited. Only the original link can be used. "I am very upset, that you disrespect my mod.Shame on you!Lefthandright
  • Dselgamrz
    2016-12-15 04:38
    wow @LEFTHANDRIGHT we ask questins and we get disrespected only thing we are asking is whys and how... but i mean if you want im sure people on here can get a little ruder... i hope it dont come to that but i do have the same problem as GATOR with mod installed the maps just load forever what would cause this?
  • Dselgamrz
    2016-12-15 04:40
    and i beleive matrix50 is trying to find out if the mod will ever be available for use in MP. OH AND IF YOUR SO WORRIED ABOUT IT THEN PLEASE POST THE ORIGINAL LINK HERE SO WE ALL CAN USE IT!!!
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