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SeasonManager v0.5.1
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SeasonManager v0.5.1

Version 0.5.1
- Download source / overlay
- Chance ensures more variability in the weather

Every day the seasonManager is assigned a season. When saving, it writes its personal values for the approaching climate within the careerSavegame.xml, to present something like seasons. The result’s that it rains in autumn for a very long time, within the winter hail / snow and it’s cloudy within the spring.
The effect is that in autumn and in winter a harvest is impossible. As a result of precisely is the objective of seasonManager. In winter the combine is within the barn, the time can be used completely to look after the animals. Otherwise you simply let the time go, anyway.
The entered values manage the climate for 12 months, so 4 days ingame or more. After this, it’s important to save and reload the game as soon as, in order that the values are renewed. This must be acceptable, nonetheless, for the reason that values of the engine itself run out additionally at a while.

Meanwhile the current season will be displayed in the top right corner. Moreover the color of the ambient light will be adjusted to the season.

Drag the seasonManager.zip to the mods folder, accomplished. Then load your savestate and save it instantly, in order to enter the new values. After a restart the values will be accepted.

For those who would somewhat have the engine climate, delete the seasonManager.zip from the mods folder. After 4 game days, the climate shall be pretty much as good or bad as before than.

Configurations aren't necessary. But if you want some adjustments you can change some values in the seasonManager.xml which can be found in the savegame folder after the first save. It's mainly self-explaning.
version: Don't change it, it's just helping the scipt.
source: Enter here the name of the mod portal where you downloaded the seasonManager. Just type in the name, not the whole URL.
seasonDuration: Here you can change the duration of a season in days soon.
periodicSeasons: If 'true' all seasons will be as long as each other (-->use seasonDuration). If 'false' you can change the duration of each season on your own (-->use the following four keys).
springDuration: Duration of spring in days, if periodicSeasons == false.
summerDuration: Duration of summer in days, if periodicSeasons == false.
autumnDuration: Duration of autumn in days, if periodicSeasons == false.
winterDuration: Duration of winter in days, if periodicSeasons == false.
seasonShift: Users which are using the seasonManager in a previously created savegame can change the shift of the seasons so that the current harvest period fits to the season.
language: This changes the language of the display. Enter "de" for german. Enter anything else for english.
useDisplay: With true/false the display can be activated/deactivated.
displayX: Changes the x-position of the display. Float values between 0 and 1 are allowed.
displayY: Changes the y-position of the display. Float values between 0 and 1 are allowed.
displaySize: Changes the size of the display.
useLighting: With true/false the modified ambient lighting can be activated/deactivated.

The seasonManager is exclusiv for Modhoster. An upload on any other websites is hereby prohibited. Only the original download link can be used. The seasonManager cannot be modified or reuploaded as a part of a mod pack or in any other form. Adjustments might be made for personal issues only.

Script: Lefthandright
Idea / Concept: Lefthandright

  • Whyareyoucopyingmods
    2017-01-19 21:37
    Why are you reuploading this mod without permission and without the original link? You see the image "respect for modders"? Please think about it...
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