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Seed Express 1260 v1.0
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Seed Express 1260 v1.0

This auger wagon will tend to your sewers / planters. It's long pipe Reaches most seeders while They are unfolded. Fillable only with seeds, potatos, and fertilizer.
Cost: 82.427
Upkeep: 25
Capacity: 45,000

Model: NAFEM-original?
Texture: KMN Modding-original? ootheman -17
Script: ooTheMan
Testing: ootheman, stephen (Whiskey River Farms)
other: Giants

  • Hmadsen
    2017-01-18 20:55
    Theres no errors what so ever | Thanks modder's
  • Nafem supporter
    2017-01-22 07:57
    Nice theft... Would have been nice to let the original modders do it without the crappy stretched logo on the side.
  • Wtf


    2017-01-23 08:41
    ok i tryed to use it with a combine and it has no trigger to unload combine please look in to it
  • Faelandaea
    2017-01-26 04:10
    @WTF ... Step 1 ... read the description. Step 2 ... See step 1. Wait, that mans reading, which has been way beyond you for as long as anyone has ever known you. So, never mind. To have you read anything would be a completely wasted and lost [email protected] modder ... thank you. Works perfectly and works ... as described ... in the description :) Great add-on. :)
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