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Seed Mod Placeable v1.0
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Seed Mod Placeable v1.0

ZAV 20 - the device for cleaning the grain. When the grain passes the purification stage in the game, it can then be used to obtain seed, that is, ready seeds. This element is automatically turned on as soon as grain appears in the loading pit.
Treater of seeds PS 10AM. Mixes already peeled grain with liquid fertilizer. It is enough to fill the tank with fertilizer, and then unload the grain before the loading auger. At the output we get the seeds.
AVM 1.5, - produces food for pigs from grain wastes, and grass, AVM 1.5 requires fuel, bring standard fuel to the barrel. Clean log.

werik, Silak_68, kevink98, Marhu, Igorela21

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