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Seed tender trailer v1.0
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Seed tender trailer v1.0

This is a goose neck trailer set up to carry the seed tender and liquid fertilizer tank from the Horsch vehicles found  on Giants mod hub.
The cost is 8500 with a daily upkeep of 10. It also has tension belts for hauling vari0us pallets and bales. The deck is 8ft by 28 ft. There is no dynamic attacher or brake lights. But it does have 4 beacon lights on the corners. The trailer is washable and will be found in baling or under the Lizard brand.

Model JohnDeere1952
Wheels from Kramarj PJ trailer.

  • Silviu1993
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    mod video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7YbwLsUYeg
  • Square2448
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    Posted a video on my channel for this :)https://youtu.be/agx1BPUHMjY
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